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Einsatz für die Natur

For this year’s Community Day GMC Zurich office, with support of Jochen and Joe from Munich office, has spent an intense day at the edge of the forest of Zurich. Our task was to cut bushes and young trees along the footway under supervision of two rangers. This is important as that footpath is not only very frequently used and needs to be clean but also the bigger trees in the back need light and space to further grow. In addition it is a benefit for the animals living in the forest when they can better get in and out of the forest, like for example the rabbits as we were informed by the rangers.

The branches that we cut – and that were quite a lot! – needed to be put a bit further in the forest on crowds. They will now become wildlife habitat for urchins, mice, birds, etc.

The result of the work that 13 people did in one day on a length of about 200 meters is, that the rangers can now let this part grow for the next 4-5 years before they need to cut it again.

Thanks to everyone that participated and did a fantastic job! All the scratches and mosquito bites were worth it

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