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Vorweihnachtliche Besuche in Altenheim und Kinderkrankenhaus

On December 16, the French team organized a day to spend with the community. The team split up into two different groups. The first group went to a retirement house to decorate the premises for the holidays, helping the elderly people illuminate their residence Christmas tree and making their own tree. At the end of the day they all sang Christmas songs together and shared a very nice homemade cake.

The other half of the team went to entertain children in a hospital - playing games, telling stories, adding fun. It was a great experience. If one can be somehow uncomfortable at first, the joy you read on people’s eyes when you reach out to them is delightful. 

The entire French team loved it and can’t wait until next year to do something useful again. This community day closed 2015 very well and is a good preparation for 2016. 


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